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Senior Data Scientist (ML/NLP)

£65k – £100k • 0.5% – 1.5%
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Join us for a unique chance to build a model of the world’s economy.

You’ll be working with a talented team on the brains of our system, powering a new kind of search engine capable of answering complex financial questions that have never been answerable before. Our mission will demand challenging technical and scientific breakthroughs in how we extract meaning from unstructured content at scale, and with exceptional accuracy.

You’ll be a master of machine learning and natural language processing, familiar with the current state of the art in artificial intelligence, and with the practical skills to put your brilliant ideas into practice and deploy them to production.


1. Building high-performing machine learning models:
- Investigate, build and refine ML solutions to complex information extraction problems.
- Transform proof-of-concept experiments into scalable, production solutions.
- Build models capable of highly accurate financial predictions.

2. Engineer scalable AI solutions:
- Create new insights from our massive collections of data, including a unique large-scale knowledge graph.
- Contribute microservices to our high-capacity processing pipelines, with a view to improving performance, throughput and accuracy. For instance, automatic error-checking and anomaly detection.
- Help design and develop our ML Ops process, capable of spinning up and running hundreds of different experiments, each with their own configurations and data sets.

3. Researching, innovating and mentoring:
- Explore innovative approaches to ML explicability and interpretability. It’s not enough to just produce answers, our users expect us to justify them, with concise, well-reasoned insights.
- Keep a watching brief on areas of interest within ML and NLP, to stay up to date with the latest developments, and how they might affect or influence our own technical strategy.
- Be an evangelist for ML best-practices, to advocate solving problems by learning from data, rather than through more coding.
- Mentor and teach what you know to other members of the technical team.


1. Strong academic background, with a broad knowledge of ML and NLP approaches. Wide is better than deep, this is a fast-moving field, we’d prefer an agile mind to a single technique specialist.

2. Proven experience of putting innovative ideas into practice, preferably within a small, fast-growing organisation / start-up or research group. We are not solving toy problems, and expect you to have worked on something truly sophisticated.

3. Expertise in deploying code and data to cloud-based clusters, especially Kubernetes (on GCP).

4. Expertise with mass-scale data lakes, especially using noSQL databases like MongoDB.

5. A skilled engineer, who’s capable of implementing what’s described in academic papers. We need more than just a thinker, we want you to become a key contributor to our codebase.

6. Those with a calm, pragmatic, data-driven mindset will feel right at home in our team.

7. A great communicator - we believe software development is about communicating with humans not just instructing computers.

8. A love of the inherent elegance and beauty of data, and a driving passion for the revolutionary possibilities of automated intelligence.