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Front-end engineer (React JS, TypeScript)

£40k – £65k • 0.38% – 1.14%
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You’re a product-minded engineer: a front-end specialist with a keen eye for design, and the ability to deliver beautiful yet functional user interfaces for complex products.

You’re inquisitive, self-motivated, and excited by the prospect of working with ground-breaking technology. You love a challenge and teaching yourself new skills on the fly. You want to make a massive impact as one of the key first hires at an early-stage company.

You’re a well-rounded, startup-ready, battle-proof engineer - you know how to hack things together for a quick and dirty proof of concept, but you’re also able to turn it into beautiful, production-ready code.

You enjoy thinking strategically and future-gazing, but you’re also practical and not above getting stuck in to help the team.


Working alongside another front-end / full-stack engineer, in a small but super smart and switched-on technical team, you will build our web app in order to deliver a beautiful and intuitive experience for end-users.

The back-end we're building, a knowledge graph, is much more powerful than run-of-the-mill databases. It radically changes how the data is structured, represented, and what insights can be derived from it (enabled by cool, cutting-edge applications of deep learning into graphs).

The back-end is only one piece of the equation however - we also want to leverage the power of the graph to change the way users visualize and interact with that data, and expose it to them in new ways.

To that end, we're looking for a brilliant front-end specialist to help us build a web app, using a state-of-the-art stack, that can match and make full use of the capabilities of our back-end.

You will also contribute to the wider product roadmap, help understand new customer requirements and prioritize new features. Beyond that, you will help define our processes and best practices (from a technical as well as cultural standpoint), and your role will evolve as we scale.


Things you'll need:
- 2-3y+ of commercial development experience, of which a significant portion should have been at an early-stage company or in a small team
- Deep understanding of React JS and TypeScript
- Demonstrable experience of having been deeply involved in all stages of software development, from inception to shipping production-ready software
- Ability to work well with users and understand what they really need

Bonus points for experience with any of the following:
- GraphQL / Apollo
- Complex data visualization projects
- Other full-stack / back-end experience (e.g. CI/CD, etc.)


Our founders met through deep-tech incubator Entrepreneur First, and have a mix of in-depth industry experience and deep technical expertise.

We’re tackling some ambitious, complex, deep-tech problems at the core of modern work. We aim to redefine human-computer interaction and set the standard in intelligence augmentation.

You’ll get to work with some of the most innovative technologies out there (supported by in-house research in conjunction with university labs), including:
- Knowledge-based systems
- Cognitive computing
- Graph theory and graph databases
- Natural language processing
- Machine / deep learning

As a core member of the early team, you will be heavily involved in crafting and developing our culture.

‘Ask more questions’ is our tagline. It is at the heart of our product (we enable our users to ask more questions, and also think of the right questions to ask) and at the heart of our company too. It is at the root of many other well-known principles that we support - from first-principle thinking to ‘strong opinions, weakly held’.

Our other, related founding axiom is ‘look for the desire paths’. We look for the shortcuts, the ways to do things better. Unconstrained by existing preconceptions, we have a healthy disregard for rules, and we don’t hesitate to question and circumvent them if it leads to better outcomes.