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API Developer / Architect

$150k – $180k • 0.02% – 0.04%
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Plume APIs are used by end Consumer Mobile Apps, Network Operations and Support Web Dashboards, Command line tools, and various Partner/Customer integration processes. APIs must be consistent and intuitive, scalable and secure, robust and supportable. Backward compatibility is key to our success.


* Collaborate with internal and external consumers to gather requirements and design and document APIs
* Plan and deliver sprint commitments with fully tested, high quality code ready for production
* Triage, troubleshoot and support any issues arising in production deployments across the globe.


* Opinionated about API design strategies and best practices
* Collaboratively makes pragmatic decisions to balance tactical deliverables aligned with strategic direction.
* Master of object oriented and functional programming in NodeJS or Scala
* Thrives on tuning persistence layer using contemporary NoSQL and SQL data stores to support transactional as well as analytics/visualization queries
* Understanding and experience of integration interfaces with asynchronous messaging and streaming
* Experience implementing Security authentication/authorization frameworks for microservices
* Has battle scars from real world experiences having implemented versioning, exception handling, logging, load testing, monitoring, troubleshooting and support of large scale, complex production systems
* Passionate about TDD/BDD


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