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Cofounder at Pluma. Strong enterprise tech and finance background. @Harvard Business School @Princeton University


Nate West

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Worked at Pluma

Kelsey Beren

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Support and Operations Specialist
University of Pennsylvania. Co-founded one of the largest hackathons in Arizona. Experience in marketing, market research, business development.
Sales, Business Development.

Yutong Pan

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I specialize in iOS development and Python Django backend development. Currently working as a software engineer for Pluma. Startup enthusiast.

Ankita Arun Pise

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Master in CS from NC State University. Seeking full-time opportunities where strong analytic skills and ability to manage priorities can be utilized.

Board members and advisors

EIR at Google AI. Founder of @Breakthrough, Stanford bio alum, passionate about improving the world through science and technology.

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Dylan Tarling

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Kushal Joshi

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Nagkumar Arkalgud

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