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Smart credit cards for your business. No more expense reports or out-of-pocket spending

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Pleo is one of those products that is a no-brainer in removing one of the most painful processes in business: company spending. For employees it means no more out-of-pocket spending, or credit card borrowing. We empower employees with delegated spending that's nice and simple. Use your card, get a push, upload the receipt and you're done.

This puts the employee first, and makes sure that they aren't hurt by outdated company process and policies. Future of work stuff, you know?
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Marketing Manager, Germany

Posted this week
  • Driving all go-to-market efforts in Germany, with a series of online and offline activities to increase awareness, drive engagement, generate leads, keep customers engaged and support the cross-marketing team efforts
  • Stakeholder management with internal teams, external agencies and freelancers
Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Data

Posted 1 week ago
  • Have a passion for both engineering and data and understand how they tie together
  • Enjoy architecting and implementing efficiently designed systems. Your architectures lead to good trade-offs between e.g complexity, effort to implement, flexibility and more.
Software Engineer

Quality Engineering Lead

Posted 1 week ago
  • Drive a quality-first approach to software development and delivery.
  • Manage a growing team of experienced SETs.