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The best, safest way to launch your remote engineering team

Product Management Partner

$20k – $100k • No equity
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As a Plentyworks Product Partner, you’ll work as a product manager directly with people and businesses who want to build something new, backed up by our software expertise and talent.

Use our client portfolio of successful software projects to start building your own. We’ll train you in our process and make our expert software teams available to you. You keep up to half of the proceeds.

You're perfect for this if you are:

  • A good person who genuinely cares about helping others
  • Entrepreneurial, looking to be your own boss
  • Experienced in client management or account management
  • Well acquainted with technology and software user experiences
  • A product manager or digital project manager, or want to become one
  • Very well organized in your personal and professional lives
  • A top performer who wants the freedom to work to your highest standards, whenever and wherever you want

Plentyworks is a fully remote organization. We build software and software teams around the world, for startups, corporations, and governments in Europe and Asia. Our mission is to bridge the global opportunity divide in tech by connecting smart, driven people everywhere to opportunities to make an impact in tech.

Here's how it works:

  1. You apply and learn more. Here's the deal: You bring the network, people skills, product management experience, and organizational skills. You'll get to use our client portfolio, proven process, technical expertise, and experienced software teams around the world.

First will be a series of video interviews to make sure we're aligned on mission, values and interest. We'll agree on the terms of our partnership, and talk through all your questions.

  1. We teach you our playbook. We'll work closely together to ensure you understand everything about how we deliver software, from simple consumer apps and websites to enterprise-grade systems.

You'll be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of how to plug into our business development process, how to keep clients happy, and how to thrive as an independent software entrepreneur.

  1. You start delivering software for clients. You're now a certified Plentyworks Product Partner, ready to onboard your first client with Plentyworks supporting you every step of the way.

On your first few projects, we'll work closely with you to help you get to know the ropes. After that, you'll be free to build your product practice as big (or as little) as you want!

Find more information at https://www.plenty.works/partner/

Plentyworks at a glance

The best, safest way to launch your remote engineering team

Their company has offices in New York and Paris. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.plenty.works or find them on LinkedIn.

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