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We help you build highly accurate datasets for machine learning

We help you build highly accurate datasets for machine learning

Playment is building the cognitive infrastructure to make AI 'intelligent'. Having raised $3M to date from YCombinator, SAIF Partners & Google Launchpad - We are working with 50+ International customers including Mercedes, Continental, Samsung, Drive AI, DiDi Chuxing, among others. We've all heard the old adage, "AI is going to take over our jobs!". That's not true. Machines are inherently dumb. For them to ever replace humans in menial tasks, they need to learn how to see, think, act and make decisions like we do - in other words, "teach them common sense". At the core of our solution is that if we show enough possible scenarios, machines will learn to behave like humans. It would take them 1 million images of cats and dogs in order to learn to differentiate them. This is what Playment does. We help annotate and categorize various forms of sensor data. To read more - goo.gl/MQqcsp

Senior Account Executive, Enterprise

Director of Sales (America)

Himanshu Sahu

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Founding Team member @Playment, Software Developer @Babajob, Studied @Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur

Ajinkya Malasane

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Co-Founder @Playment, Product Management @Flipkart, Research Associate @Max Planck Institute , Studied @Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati

Akshay Lal

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Co-Founder @Playment . IIT Kharagpur '13. Product @Flipkart.

Siddharth Mall

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Cofounder @Playment, Worked across BD, Category Strategy & Product @Flipkart , Studied @Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
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