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Steve Petersen

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Founder & CTO @Playlist, serial entrepreneur, IPO, 35 patents, Stanford engineer, mobile, full stack, data science, blockchain
CEO & Founder @Playlist, CEO & Founder @Adspace Networks, Founding Executive @Photobucket, Founder @Silicon Gaming, Inc. , $300M Exit, IPO, Stanford Engineer


Serial Entrepreneur (35M user), Investor and Advisor (Discord, Crowdstar, GotIt!)

Stefan Gomez

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Founder @Zinguist • Previously co-founded @bop.fm , and had engineering roles at: @Playlist @Science, @Color, @Foodily, @Billshrink

Alex Tang

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Engineer and Engineering Leader. Builder of high powered products (and engineering teams). Founder. Formerly of Proofpoint and Netscape.

Board members and advisors

3x Founder. Named "Top 50 Angel Investor" by Forbes. Angel in 50 co's incl 7 unicorns: @Snapchat @Opendoor @Reddit @PAX Labs @Poshmark @Grove Collaborative @Outreach
Founder/President U.S. Angel Investors. VP S&M Trader Media (acquired for $350M). Cofounder @JMC Telecom. VP Sales and Marketing Bull

Lee Zapis

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President of Zapis Capital Group

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Eduardo Fonseca

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Jacob Gillespie

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Ruben Parham

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