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The Augmented Reality Origami Creativity Platform

The Augmented Reality Origami Creativity Platform

A real to digital (and back again) augmented reality technology platform offering services in the $23B after-school programs market, as well as digital publishing.

PlayGAMI is an augmented reality origami creativity platform.

Draw your designs on real origami paper, visualize it as you draw on a virtual version of the origami, and then turn your hand-drawn creation into a game character....

World Makerfaire NYC Editor's Choice Award Winner!

Business Co-Founder

Web / Javascript / Three.js intern

Uttam Grandhi

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Proficient in Arduino, RPi, and PCB Design. Skilled in 3D Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing. Developed numerous products from concept to creation.
I build augmented reality software platforms. Pasttime: winning hundreds of hackathons for fun and profit and running a Shakespearean theatre in a virtual world