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Software Engineer, Venture Capital

£50k – £80k • 1.0% – 1.0%
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Playfair Capital is one of Europe’s leading early-stage venture capital funds. Founded in 2013, we’ve invested in over 50 technology startups in 11 different countries to-date. We’re sector and geography agnostic, which gives us the freedom to invest in the technologies and markets that excite us and allow us to have the biggest possible impact. We have a particular interest in engineering-led companies creating unique, differentiated or hard-to-reproduce technology. Companies we’ve backed include:

Mapillary - Machine learning to extract map data from the world’s largest collaborative imagery platform ($15m Series A: Atomico, BMW iVentures, Sequoia)
Sightec - Computer vision for autonomous drones, UAVs and flying cars ($9m Seed: Sherpa InnoVentures)
Seldon - Open source machine learning deployment ($4m Seed: IQ Capital, Amadeus, Global Brain)

Having launched our £25m second fund earlier this year, we’re busier than ever and are searching for a software engineer / computer scientist to join our team. We're a small, close-knit team of tech enthusiasts with a passion for building early stage technology businesses.

What could you do at Playfair?

This role is yours to make of it what you will. At Playfair we hire smart and self-motivated people and give them almost unlimited autonomy to define how they’ll spend their days. Yes, really!

Want to research novel technologies and source potential investments online? Great, we’d love you to do that. Research is a core part of what we do at Playfair since staying on top of emerging technologies is a key part of finding the best companies to back.

Want to spend a few days each week as a software engineer working directly with one of our startup CTOs? Helping startups shape their product and technology strategy is an essential value-add for a seed stage fund, so we totally support this. You could work in a variety of languages and on technologies and platforms spanning machine learning, computer vision, app development, embedded software for drones, and much more.

Want to spend your days performing due diligence on startups with cutting edge analytical or technical components? Jump in and let us know which are the best ones :)

Prefer to attend events (demo days, pitching competitions, industry or technology-specific conferences, hackathons), network and build relationships as a way of finding the best startups to invest into? Go for it!

Meet your team

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Chris Smith

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I am Managing Partner at Playfair Capital. I was an angel investor (14 deals, 3 exits), operator (Vannin Capital/plan.com), corporate lawyer and founder.
Investor @PlayfairCapital | prev @Cambridge_Uni @BankOfAmerica @RendezVu_App | Thinking #AI #HITL #B2B #AngelInvesting

Joe Thornton

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Investor @Playfair Capital. Ex Interpol, Google and Facebook. Skydiving and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu :D
Founder @Playfair Capital and @Warner Yard, investor in 50+ startups worldwide, Burner + co-founder @ooliganalley