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We help you find better food, through menu item reviews and dietary preference tracking

Equity-compensated developer (front end, back end, and full stack all welcome)

$20k – $30k • 0.001% – 2.0%
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We're looking for developers who want to build the world's most innovative food tech app and develop their skills along the way. Whether you're a junior developer with basic knowledge in our tech stack or a senior developer who knows our tech stack well, please feel free to apply. Junior and mid level developers will get a group of peers and seniors to learn from to develop their skillsets and grow with the company. A full job description including equity estimates including our tech stack is here:


Note Salary indicated is will be for one paid full time position, and is expected to be a remote worker in a low cost country who can work some hours of overlap with the US. Other developers will be 100% equity compensated. Work will begin on an FFP basis and will transition to T&M once trust is built up.

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Founder and president of PlateRate. Leader that excels at creating competitive advantage both in terms of strategy and execution, with a technical background.

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