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Making great yards affordable to normal folks!

Making great yards affordable to normal folks!

Did you ever get an instruction manual for your yard? We didn’t either! It’s part of the American dream to want to make your yard look great. But the vast majority of us struggle to do it. Bespoke custom landscape design is awesome, but only a small percent of the people on the planet can afford it. Nearly half of American adults wish that they could hire a landscaper to help out, while many others wish learning how to garden weren't so hard. That’s over 100M people who wish there was a better way! At Plantiferate, we want to make “making your yard great” and "keeping it great" something that everyone can afford to do. Most of the world regards landscaping as an art, maybe even magic… We think differently. We’re using big data, smart algorithms, crowd-sourcing and the gig economy to make your yard awesome, and help you keep it awesome. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to reinvent the landscape industry for everyone!

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