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Placemat has eliminated the difficulty and disconnect when hiring a private chef or catering company via technology and automation.

A mission and set of values guide our work every day and every decision made moving forward. We are not only on a mission to offer a unique dining experience, but most importantly elevating and raising overall nutritional standards. Placemat believes that our health starts with whats on our plate and we bring that to the table. We have taking all of the pain points and hurdles that our competitors and now closed Uber- modeled private chef companies (Kitchit, Kitchensurfing) have faced and created a seamless and easy to navigate experience not only for our prospective guests, but also our chefs creating an unmatched experience all around.

On the personal chef side Placemat creates ongoing opportunities for 1099 contracted chefs or home cooks to pick up gigs at their leisure to supplement another career. On the guest serving side, Placemat comes directly to your home, your home away from home, Airbnb or wherever there is a kitchen. Placemat culinary teams prepare all handcrafted family-style brunch, dinner and party menus on-location in guest’s kitchens. Placemat sources ingredients automatically to ensure quality control and cost management. Above all, Placemat accommodates all allergies and dietary preferences.

Placemat ensures quality control from the time a guest inquiry about a reservation until the time the culinary teams leave our guests. Placemat has fixed seasonal menus similar to a restaurant. All chefs are trained on those menu items. Placemat chefs are never in contact with a party until they enter a guest’s home. Placemat facilitates all inquiries, questions and logistics throughout the reservation process. Placemat takes pride in ensuring unmatched quality and an overall experience that is easy, seamless, accessible and unlike any dining experience that is available today.
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Operating Partner/Co-founder

Posted 10 months ago

Industry + Domain experience --
Hospitality Management -- Airbnb, Marriott, etc.
Hiring, training, culture, brand awareness, marketing
Tech --
Professional software build and licensing
Scale + Franchise --
Opening of new markets (Louisville, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc.