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Building innovative tech for the next gen of highly-decentralized organizations

Software Engineer - Rapid Prototyping

$70k - $140k • No equity
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What you will be doing

You will be working on a team of full-stack developer consultants that like to get things done *today*. Our teams rapidly prototype from the nascent-idea stage all the way to MVP for our premier client. Exotic, cutting-edge technologies are encouraged.

You will participate in our daily stand-ups, code reviews, and architecture discussions. We expect you to be willing to touch every part of the stack (frontend, middleware, backend, and DevOps/Ops), and definitely to be a specialist in one of these parts. We’re looking for people who enjoy multitasking and switching between different projects.

What we’re about

We’re an all-dev software consultancy that builds best-in-industry software for our clients. We’re structured a bit like a law firm - flat, with a few partners, and a growing set of clients and projects, each with its own project lead.

We also do considerable software security work, and are happy to help you gain skills in that area.

Best of all, we’re early stage, so get ready to make a major impact and grow as an engineer.

Tech stack

Here’s a grab bag of tech that we’re using. We don’t expect you to know Clojure or all of the below, but we do expect you to enjoy picking up new technologies.

- Frontend: primarily React.js. We do mobile apps with React Native or Flutter. We use HTML/CSS or InVision for wireframing + design.

- Backend: We use Node + ES6. Other things we hack in: Rust/Go/Python/Bash/Clojure.

- Database: Cassandra, Redis, SQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4j

- DevOps: AWS, CircleCI, Ansible, Terraform, ZeroTier, ZeroMQ, Nginx, Lambdas/Azure Functions

- PM/Collaboration: Trello/Jira, G Suite, and Slack

P.S. a detailed intro note is greatly appreciated.


Important Skills:

* Node.js
* OAuth
* React Native
* NodeJS


- Flexible working hours - as long as high-quality work gets done

- A high-caliber technical environment - partners are all devs and engineers

- Easy-going, open office environment

- We do pro-bono work - it’s not just about us

- Employer matching SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.

- Good PPO healthcare plan including PPO dental and vision

- We provide solid mentorship / training on new tech

- We’re security-focused, so that’s our differentiator

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Co-founder and CEO of PKC Security. NSF grant recipient, Princeton CS BSE, Columbia IDS, Microsoft Research, Bridgewater Associates

Kenneth Kantzer

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Founder @PKC • Worked at @Booz Allen Hamilton, @Princeton University. Specialties are Code Audits, Clojure, and Risk Assessments