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Interactive Visualization | VR

Interactive Visualization | VR


We bring LIFE to your Ideas & Concepts by blending Science, Creativity and Art
to effectively communicate through Interactive Visualisation & Virtual Experiences

With Pixel Grand you get a unique blend in everything it creates to breathe a new life into your Ideas & Concepts and setting trends and benchmarks.

With PixelGrand, the Future is Now...

Open your eyes to REiA, an application designed and developed for a complete immersive experience for the potential home buyers and real estate majors to host & showcase their projects to the global viewers. REiA opens up a new dimension of experience to its viewers. The potential buyers enjoy a novel, interactive experience in virtual reality demonstrated in a complete 360 degree immersive way, previously unseen.

Unreal Engine Developer | VR Dev

Unity Developer | VR Dev

GL Kumar

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