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Backend Developer

$60k – $100k • 0.2% – 5.0%
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We are looking for a seasoned senior Backend engineer to play a key strategic role for us. You will own our core product, leading a team of engineers & developers to shape the future of the Pitstop Predictive Platform. This is an amazing opportunity to have a major impact on a product used by leading brands around the globe. You’ll be interfacing with customers, sales, partners and internal teams to enhance our product capabilities and define the future roadmap. We need a natural self-starter who can work in a collaborative, team environment but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

You may expect to:
* Work out of your comfort zone.
* Maintain existing backend services (e.g. web API, service router & workers, databases).
* Develop new features.
* Design and implement the backend architecture and components.
* Collaborate with client app team (Android, iOS & web) and data science team.
* Work with PM and clients to flesh out specifications of functional and non-functional requirements and break into executable tasks.

Minimum requirements of this position:
* Write clean, testable and scalable code.
* Good understanding of computer science concepts and software engineering principles.
* Comfortable with and capable of writing SQL and finding bottlenecks in queries.
* Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

We may ask you this kind of questions:
* What is Remote Procedure Call?
* What's the difference between RBAC and ABAC?
* What is a JSON Web Token?
* What is a racing condition, and What is a deadlock/livelock?
* Can you spot an anti-pattern in this code snippet?
* What does SOLID mean?
* What is a quorum?

We won't ask you this kind of questions:
* Implement a red-black tree
* Explain how libev works

Our tech stacks (Backend):
* (Restful) web API - Nodejs (with Express & Swagger)
* web services - Nodejs, Python
* Chai, Mocha, Istanbul
* AWS SQS, RabbitMQ, Kafka
* PostgreSQL, BigQuery, DynamoDB
* third party services, e.g. Sendgrid, Smooch
* Docker
* Nginx
* Jenkins
* Git
* many AWS things

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