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Customer Success & Integration Engineer

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About Pisano
Pisano is a scaling technology company, which enables businesses to better understand their customers through the art of feedback. We are a rapidly growing company, seeking to add diligent, self-driven and passionate individuals that could add to our fun-loving team. Don’t hesitate, join us at our spirited Istanbul office and be a part of a place where today’s journey paves the way to tomorrow... we also have a glorious view of the Bosphorus.

How is Pisano doing?
This is what’s happening at Pisano…
- We are funded by international investors
- We have 200+ enterprise customers from all over the world
- Opened 3 new offices in London, Dubai, and Singapore.
- We are on the trajectory of boosted growth through our successful & proven business model around Europe, MENA, and Asia-Pacific.

What is Pisano looking for?
We are seeking for a Customer Success & Integration Engineer who is willing to work with our customers on implementation of the integrations to unlock the full potential of the Pisano platform that will…
- Enable businesses to better understand their customers and provide an exceptional experience with the art of collecting feedback from various channels, analyzing their behavior and engaging with them.
- Empower the customers’ voice to be heard by businesses who invest in customer experience by respecting the ethical values of privacy.

What does Pisano expect from you?
We expect and highly advice our ideal candidate to…
- Prior to your application, read our Product Development Outline (medium.com/pisanoeng/pisano-product-development-ppd-outline-89f5509f975a)
- Influence us with your work ethic and passion
- Execute the onboarding strategy of new accounts and ensure successful implementations.
- Provide technical support (phone, email, and chat) to business partners during the onboarding process, and subsequently on a continuing basis as needed.
- Integrating Pisano into the widely used business tools such as CRMs.
- Identify the areas for improvement or enhancement in Pisano product line.
- Keeping Pisano's developers platform up-to-date so our customers can self-serve whenever possible.

What skills do you need?
- Good communication skills & working effectively with cross-functional teams
- Being an international company, we need you to communicate in English. Therefore, your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills ideally need to be at a high level
- Well organized: Able to deliver project milestones and deliver on-time
- 1+ years in Software Engineering
- Adequate technical skills in web technologies
- Basic understanding of SQL and relational databases
- Able & willing to travel periodically as the job requires

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