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PiraShield is an anti-piracy search engine

PiraShield is an anti-piracy search engine

Are any of your digital assets, online courses, and paid material being resold for lower prices or given away for free?

There are 1 billion websites on the internet today and of these 947,000 websites have been reported by Google for copyright infringement and online piracy. Your digital assets can be shared anywhere on the internet. Do you want to check to see the presence of your digital assets?

PiraShield has combined years of networking experience with state of the art hardware to develop a digital surveillance system to help you solve the issue of online theft. With PiraShield you know when someone steals your digital assets, where the theft occurred and fast acting response to remedy it.

Feel free to reach out to our team. We are helping make the impossible possible with online digital surveillance.
Recent college grade ('15) where I studied physics/math. Switched career paths to software dev, taught myself web dev and made web apps for several companies.

Ulzee An

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Super passionate about designing experiences that tell a compelling, lucid story. My best work usually happens after the end of a normal work day. I hustle.
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