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PiPle is a software company striving to create an open, next-generation chat platform. Based on 2D map of a conversation it allows group discussions and enables teams to communicate better and faster. We are focused on designing this new platform and need high-profile, motivated people in UX, UI, cross-platform-web-based development (Ionic/React native), business, management, and marketing.
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UX Designer - Co Founder - Entrepreneur

We are looking for a bold and passionate UX/UI designer with great knowledge in the latest trends (especially material design). Skills such as branding and front-end development are required.


CTO / co-founder / Full stack developper

Posted 6 months ago

At PiPle, we are creating a message app inspired by mindmaping. We are completely changing the UX of messaging apps to organize topics mentioned within the conversation, and offer a the best experience in group conversations.