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Disruptive Messaging Software

Disruptive Messaging Software

With it's tree like representation, Piple allows messages to have multiple replies.
Conversations are thus inherently organized by topics.
Users can easily archive the threads they are not concerned with, and focus on what really matters to them.
Key messages are highlighted to enhance the readability.

Thanks to these features, PiPle allows big groups to communicate in an organized way, easily read by newcomers. Multiple topics can be discussed within one single environment without any confusion or message overload.

We believe too much time is spent with online communications nowadays, mostly within companies. A powerful tool like Piple could easily optimize online debating and make everyone save time.

Jérémie Kalfon

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CTO / co-founder at PiPle The PiPle start-up company is a disruptive group messaging app for businesses.