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PiNumbers Corporation will also go by Power in Numbers and PiN. It has a simple proposition, A Smarter Way to Get What You Want. PiN is a renewable energy company disguised as online gamification and crowdfunding platform.

PiN wants to get people who like games and likes bargains or those who have a passion for giving and helping others. There will be a focus on alternative energy and sustainability as prizes and for funding businesses with that focus.

Gaining and accessing knowledge, and encouraging advocacy will be a big component of all interactions. The benefits and added value of PiN is easier access and lower costs. Fun to play even if you lose. For those who like to give, knowing that a percentage of all profits will be going to math, music and science programs for elementary and middle schools will play a big role. PiN will also play an active advocacy role at the local level regarding alternative/renewable energy and sustainability projects.

PiN is in the business of access and knowledge. Access to goods and services
while using or gaining knowledge. PiN's goal is to provide a 4-win solution for all of
our stakeholders: Customers, Partners/Suppliers, Employees, and PiN's non-profit

While making a profit is vital, PiN will put people, ethics and values over profits. We
will strive to be good stewards of communities and local economies through
advocacy and investment. We will be a positive, transformational and disruptive
force in helping people gain access to wants, needs and dreams. We are different,
not for the sake of being different, but to get to the future faster by harnessing the
power of people. You, them and us. Our motto is Give, get back, give back.
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Technology Executive/Officer

Posted 2 months ago

This is a technology/product management position with co-founder status. The responsibility of this position is to oversee the creation of a mobile app and website that will offer skills games (initially trivia) for prizes, links to social media, ad space, checkout (Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Google P...