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Save doctors time by offering free lab consulting services

Save doctors time by offering free lab consulting services

Pinnacle Laboratory Consulting was founded on an idea that a medical providers time is better spent spending time with patients instead of meeting with laboratory representative. Our FREE service allows a medical provider to reverse that trend while still receiving information about the most innovative trends in laboratory testing. We accomplish this by meeting with the lab representatives directly and also by reaching out to laboratories with innovative products. If the medical provider chooses to utilize the test then laboratories pay the consultant a commission. There is no overhead for payroll as all of the consultants are independent contracts. Pinnacle Laboratory Consulting will provide the marketing material and targets for each specific test. In return Pinnacle Laboratory Consultants retain an agreed upon portion fo the commission. With this model we actually keep out any competition from meeting with the provider.

Independent Medical Sales Representatives

Gene Zentko

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1 have worked in Medical Sales for over 10 yrs holding positions from Service Representative to National Sales Director. I now own Pinnacle Lab Consulting.