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A Globally Scalable HTAP Database

A Globally Scalable HTAP Database

PingCAP (pingcap.com/about) is founded by the team that built TiDB, a world leading open-source, cloud-native, distributed SQL/NewSQL database for elastic scale and real-time analytics, which is compatible with MySQL, and enables companies to painlessly scale their business while keeping the underlying infrastructure simple and serve as a one-stop solution for all online transactions and analysis. We have raised US$73M in total for the past 6 years, and is the most valued NewSQL company on the planet! Our products have been trusted by large scale industry leaders and adopted by over 1000 companies across different industries, including Hulu, Booking, Dailymotion, Shopee, Zomato, VNG, Tiktok, Tencent, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, etc. Twitter: twitter.com/PingCAP GitHub: github.com/pingcap/tidb Stack Overflow: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/tidb LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/pingcap Community Slack: pingcap.com/tidbslack

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Dylan Cui

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Co-author, core committer of TiDB, Co-Founder at @PingCAP, a startup focus on distributed storage system and NewSQL database.

Edward Huang

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Go/Rust Hacker, CTO & Co-founder of @PingCAP. Grand architect of TiDB/TiKV.
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