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Video Producer

$30k – $35k
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This is an exciting work-from-home role in a fast-paced tech startup environment. You’ll be working alongside a driven team to establish new business opportunities while communicating with co-workers via phone and video conference calls.

An adaptable, passionate and detail oriented personality will shine in this role. To fully succeed you will need to embrace the challenge of producing, editing, designing and revising quality video content on a weekly basis.

This position is ideal for an individual that likes to express their creativity and design content that is proven to produce results.

Full time
Salary begins at $30k-$35k, dependant on experience

Job goals:
Produce rebrandable videos for numerous clients.
Learn about the tech involved with “fixed-wireless internet.”
Make Your Videos Discoverable
Entice Viewers Into Clicking “Play”
Hold Viewers Attention Until The End Of Your Video
Get Your Viewers To Share Your Video
Inspire Action
Work with a team of dedicated professionals to accomplish our aggressive growth goals.

Within the first month - A firm understanding of the industry and clients. Develop a plan to organize a digital team workspace with all the assets, and communications needs for each client, contractor and templates to use to quickly set up new people and clients quickly and present it to the leadership team for approval within the first 3 weeks of hire.
Within the first 2 months 2 completed A/B testable (4 total) brandable video per week for all clients. 24 hour turn around on all edits. Create a system for a 3 day approval process window for all content.
Within the first 3 months: Average views per video, per week: 15,000. 80% view rate of 75%+ of the video. 2 outlines for experimental videos per month.
Within 4-6 months 1 on-site filming project with budget reports, scripts, shot lists and storyboards per month.
Within 6 months create 1 Harmon style video every 3 months for WISPS and Ping


Develop and implement a system to organize all media content that ensures that ensures existing content and all content in development will be uploaded to the cloud and accessible by Ping during every step of the production process within 3 weeks of hire.
Within 4 weeks of hire, create a process to track draft submissions and revision requests that includes deadlines. Implement that system within 6 weeks of hire. After the process is created, consistently meet the deadlines established through this process.
Within 4 weeks of hire, create a system through which all content is submitted for approval to the appropriate persons and automatically approved within 2 business days if no revisions are submitted. Implement the system within 6 weeks of hire
Every 4 weeks after hire, record footage of Evan for a minimum of 4 hours, to be used for future ads.
Within the first 8 weeks of hire, create a minimum of 2 rebrandable videos ready to be A/B tested per week for all clients.
Within the first 8 weeks of hire, create an inventory of all video production equipment owned by Ping and/or XL Broadband and implement a system to track it through which employees can check certain pieces out and then return them.
Within the first 12 weeks of hire, present 2 outlines for experimental videos per month.
Within 16 weeks of hire, complete 1 on-site filming project with budget reports, scripts, shot lists and storyboards per month.
Develop and implement a production schedule that will result in a minimum of 26 approved rebrandable client ads, and 26 approved Ping ads being created and ready to deploy each quarter.
Within 26 weeks of hire, complete 1 video based on the Harmon video production course. Continue to produce 1 Harmon-style video every 26 weeks.
Work with the Media Buyer to improve the average CTR across all direct response ads by 25% within 52 weeks of hire.

3-5 years of relevant work experience
Expert-level experience in Adobe video production suite products.
Ability to be available 7am to 6pm CST Mon-Fri.
Fierce attention to technical detail
Patience enough to work through big-picture changes
Be a good storyteller with a creative eye
Excellent verbal and written communications skills
Excellent organizational, time management and follow-through skills.
High speed internet connection for video conferencing.
Sufficient computing power to handle the software used as part of the job (two monitors minimum and a 1080p+ HD webcam are required for this job).
Positive attitude and solid work ethic.
Demonstrable ability to work and communicate well with others and be respectful.

Nice To Haves
Experience recruiting and supervising filmmakers and casting calls.

Ping Marketing at a glance

Ping is a full-stack ISP and WISP marketing and advertising agency

Ping Marketing focuses on Sales and Marketing. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.pingmarketingteam.com/

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