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Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine

Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine

The T-BioInfo platform is a cloud based or locally hosted suite of the omics big data analysis tools and is designed to eliminate dependency on bioinformaticians in complex biomedical and agro projects, streamlining the way big data is collected, analyzed and interpreted. By hiding complicated mathematical algorithms behind a user-friendly interface, T-BioInfo enables easier analysis, integration, and visualization of different types of big data. As an answer to a multi-source heterogeneous dataset collected by a project, T-BioInfo combines many data types as well as many industry-standard and novel algorithms into flexible and easy-to-handle analysis pipelines.

An intuitive tool like T-BioInfo allows access to real omics data using a data analysis “microscope”: from processing raw digital data, through machine learning methods of compressing the initial processed information, to integrating the divergent aspects of the same biological phenomenon into a holistic picture.

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