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Currently COO at Pilot.com. Formerly CEO of Ksplice (acquired by Oracle) and Zulip (acquired by Dropbox).
Founder, @Pilot.com • Previously founded @Ksplice (acquired by Oracle), @Zulip (acquired by Dropbox) • Still knows how to use git • MIT


Serena Chalaka

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Interested in social activism, software accessibility, and educational technology. Passionate about solving problems that affect everyday interactions.

Mark Ramina

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Daniel Riley

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Business Development and Sales Manager @ Pilot.com — strategizer with a strong interest in BD, partnerships, and solving business problems with technology

Coral Feigin

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Peter Johnston

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Senior software Engineer @Pilot.com BS Computer Science, Stanford, 2015 MS Civil Engineering, Stanford, 2015

Phil LaPier

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Product Designer at @Pilot. Previously @Dropbox.

Leo Franchi

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VP of PM at Pilot