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Software-based deep learning computer vision on commodity embedded platforms



Sacchi Patel

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Head of Talent @Pilot AI Previous: HRBP/Tech Recruiter @Orbital Insight @DAQRI @Facebook @Google |Manager & Adjunct Faculty @Stanford University

Eugene Vecharynski

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Nick Breitweiser

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Stanford CS (BS with a Systems focus), worked at Google, VMware, and Tata Communications, currently Senior SWE at Pilot.ai.

Samuel G. Adesoye

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UC Santa Cruz, CS. Computer Vision/Graphics engineer. Been involved in optimization of several important computer vision algorithms.

Stephen Osborne

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Senior Research Scientist at Pilot AI, Stanford Physics PhD

Rachel Moore

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Caltech '13, Stanford GSB MBA '17


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Worked at Pilot AI Labs, eBay Inc. . Experience with Bilingual, Business Development, E-Commerce

Jeff Saunders

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Eric Liao

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Dharshi Devendran

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Ankit Bhagatwala

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Michelle Soon

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Director of Business Operations @Pilot AI

Ray Gao

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Senior Data Scientist @Pilot AI, Data Scientist @Yelp, PhD @University of Toronto

Board members and advisors

Professor of Computer Science @ Stanford, Winner of two Academy Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Former team

Michael Chong

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Ryan Diaz

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Sergey Koltakov

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Seth Hildick-Smith

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