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Software-based deep learning computer vision on commodity embedded platforms

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Software Engineer

Research Scientist, Computer Vision

As a Research Scientist on the computer vision team, you will be helping to build the computer vision framework that drives our core business. You will be taking the latest advancements in computer vision research in areas like detection, tracking, segmentation, and SLAM, and implementing them...

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

As the Platform team scales our API to support millions of devices across multiple diverse use cases, one of the key pieces that enables this is data. This data comes in various forms, from static images, to videos, to point clouds, and is presented and processed in tremendous volumes. The Data...


Research Scientist, Machine Learning

As a Research Scientist on the machine learning team, you will be helping to build the core machine learning building blocks upon which computer vision, speech, and other application specific API’s can be built. In particular, the differentiation of our machine learning approach, and the...


Project Manager

Posted 2 months ago

As a Project Manager you will sit between the product management, business development, and engineering teams, where you will help manage our day-to-day product development process. As part of this role, you will own release schedules and work closely with software engineers, QA, product managers...