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#1 technology driven hospitality platform for building owners to adopt short-term rentals



Entrepreneur, Co-Founder At Pillow.com
Co-founder of Pillow. Software developer, entrepeneur

Sean Conway

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Entrepreneur, Angel. Co-founder & CEO @Pillow Co-founder & CEO @Notehall sold to @Chegg


Sean Conway

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Entrepreneur, Angel. Co-founder & CEO @Pillow Co-founder & CEO @Notehall sold to @Chegg

zihe(Luke) xu

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Data is my passion, with a MS in computational physics and 3 years of experience as a data scientist, I have both the knowledge and skills to success.

Eliot Mueting

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Cities provide the backdrop to, and dictate the quality of life of, the majority of the world’s population. I want to make cities better, smarter and faster.

Qianqian Wang

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Currently, I'm working as a product designer with Pillow, where I'm helping the team craft brand identity and improving the user experience for users.

Betty Yao

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UC Davis MBA candidate, with experience in start up company. Previously an senior associate at Pricewaterhouse Coppers
Experienced PM. 1st year MBA. Worked at World Vision, managing a $24M global portfolio of economic development projects across 18 countries.

Nick Hill

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My experience includes Flight Operations Coordinator, Project Management, Product Management, and Software Implementation Management.

Ayesha Omarali

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Berkeley CS passionate about algorithms, NLP, comp bio, neural networks, distributed systems, db, and security - just to name a few. I want to build cool things

Lily Chen

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MIT class of 2013; software engineer

Lauren MacKrell

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Worked at Affirm, Pillow
Passionate designer and illustrator here to delight users and create things people need. Entreperunerial spirit, hustle, and team player.
Insightful, results-driven customer care executive with notable success directing a broad range of customer service/technical support initiatives.
Berkeley MBA, Experience working at startups, investment banking, and Big 4 accounting firms

Monte Thakkar

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Co-counder @Kandou. Software Engineer @Pillow x @Expedia. Founder MobileSpace.

Michelle Giuliano

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I'm a creative and thoughtful marketer with experience in inbound and outbound marketing, and an emphasis in content and marketing automation.
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Board members and advisors

Tim Chang

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Managing Director - Mayfield. Forbes Midas List 2010, 2011 (Top 100 VCs). @Stanford University MBA, Univ of Michigan MSEE/BSEE. Bassist in BlackMahal and CoverFlow

Hunter Walk

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Currently Partner @ Homebrew; Previously @YouTube, @Google, @Second Life, Conan O'Brien. Builds things in San Francisco. Wishes he knew magic tricks.

Mark Ayzenshtat

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@TellApart Co-Founder. Ex- @Google, @Evernote. Tech, food, travel, and obscure pop culture references.
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Former team

Karly Bolger

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Jason Ling

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Carlos Cervantes

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Brendan Woo

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Melissa Horwath

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Angie Lee

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