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Speech Interface Engineer

$100k – $150k
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We are looking for a design and grammar implementation engineer for the speech aspects of our product. This position will be responsible for giving Pillo a voice and helping Pillo understand what users are saying.

You will be responsible for managing and improving the conversational aspects of Pillo’s robot interface. You will create and update our voice user interface experience, develop and write the prompts Pillo will say, and work with software engineering to create the natural language experience users expect. You will work with user experience design to improve the flow of the experience, and coordinate with product management and software development to get your changes implemented.

What you get to do every day:
• Review how users are using the device and what they are saying to the device to find places where new experiences, grammars, or additional prompts should be added.
• Work with user experience design to design new experiences and develop the prompts and example use sentences for those designs.
• Work with product management and software development to get your changes implemented.
• Review alpha version of new designs to see that they are meeting your requirements and coordinate user testing of your experiences with user experience and quality research.
• Challenge and constantly improve the way we do things in our highly creative operation.
• Work with incredibly talented and dedicated people who are transforming the way home health care is delivered.

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