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Free and Simple Birth Control Delivery



Nick Chang

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CEO and Founder @the-pill-club . Founded Ganogen. MD @ Duke. JD @ Stanford. PM @ Leahi Hospital


Betty Tam

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Jill-of-all-trades and MBA with experience in Finance, Operations, Legal, HR, Project Management, Logistics, Marketing, and Event Planning.

Kiran Jain

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Sandy Kamp

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Worked at The Pill Club

Joseph Garcia

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Worked at The Pill Club, Alameda County. Experience with Active Directory, Brocade, Cisco. Went to Western Governors University
Worked as an intern in performance improvement at Stanford Health Care and as a Head Teaching Assistant for EMED 227: Health Care Leadership at Stanford.

Cari Hohman

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Cari Hohman

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Leah Statton

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Currently working at Livongo Health. Previously worked at Pill Club, an online birth control prescription service. I attended Louisiana State University.

Melissa Chan

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Studied at UCLA, currently working at Gateway Learning Group

Vi Quach

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Hello! I’m an LA-based web and graphic designer who specializes in branding, web design, digital marketing, and frontend development.

Brendan Dinh

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Worked at The Pill Club

Kari Raman

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Namrata Garg

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Tanya Kumar

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Joshua Jeon

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