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Pigeonly builds solution driven technology products for underserved communities



Co-Founder and CFLO. 10 years experience in logistics and operations in government & private sectors

Frederick Hutson

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CEO & Founder of @Pigeonly. I specialize in finding opportunities in everyday problems. Passionate about making stuff work. Studied @Eastern Arizona College College


Ruigie Bilaro

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Detail oriented, energetic, team engaged graphic design with 9+ years of experience in the Design industry. Experienced with marketing strategies.

Marc Ford

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Professional full stack web developer with experience in multiple programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Board members and advisors

Erik Moore

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Former bond trader (merrill lynch). Among first to invest in @Zappos. Co-founded flicklaunch. Dartmouth BA Wharton MBA Best Trade: mentoring inner city kids

Ben Jealous

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Partner at @Kapor Capital. Former President and CEO of the NAACP

Mitch Kapor

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Lotus Founder, from 0 to $200MM in 3 yrs. Co-founder EFF, founding Chair @Mozilla. Investor: @Twilio, @Uber, @ClassDojo ,@Clever, @Optimizely,@Formlabs
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Edwardo Jackson

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peter vogt

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Traci Armstrong

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Brian McKinney

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