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Instant Delivery by Good Guys

Instant Delivery by Good Guys

PICKUP® is a real-time, last-mile logistics network that enables consumers to experience same day delivery of big, heavy and specialty retail items. Utilizing a trusted workforce of military veterans, first responders and other Good Guys, PICKUP is changing the face of last mile delivery. Consumers no longer have to be subject to the schedules and windows of traditional delivery, they can now dictate WHEN they would like their large items delivered. They can also trust that the Good Guys will solve the entire problem, and not drive over lawns, smash their fine new item together with someone else's, and feel good about the guys we send into their homes. This brand extension for quality retailers is the beginning of the shift of putting the consumer in control for ALL purchases, not just groceries, small items and food. For more information, please visit pickupnow.com.

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Brenda Stoner

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Engineer/Entreprenuer with startup experience in Semiconductor Tech, Export Consulting, Mobile App Dev, Nutritional supplements, consumer packaged goods


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