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Hybrid Fantasy Sports, Pick Em, Strategy Game

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Pick 6 is a hybrid fantasy sports, pick em, and strategy game designed for the NFL season. It’s built to work in the traditional and daily fantasy sports structure yet has a strategic element that makes it uniquely distinct. It contains an element of gambling, but not quite directly what you would see in a sportsbook.

Its uniqueness delivers an enticing game for people of all levels of experience in a fast changing sports gambling landscape. Winners of Pick 6 could be experts, or first time players; strategy is important, and a little luck never hurts. I believe Pick 6 hits all the marks that traditional and daily fantasy has in regards to why they’ve become so successful and popular, all while providing a fresh, exciting, and enjoyable game. Different, yet familiar. A game that connects football fans and friends, built on camaraderie, and competitiveness, with a little money involved to spice things up…