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Automated creative measurement platform that enhances creativity through objectivity



Anastasia Leng

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Founder of @Picasso Labs & @Hatch. 5+ years @Google. Lived on 4 continents, speak 3 languages, triple major from UPenn.


Martin P. Rufo

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Head of Product Operations at Picasso Labs Previously: Uber, Amazon

Lina Lei

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Software engineer at Picasso Labs. Previously CPA in public accounting.

Mike Harding

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Rishin Doshi

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Experience with C++, Ruby, Rails, React, PostgreSQL, Python,

Denise Dearman

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Software engineer at Picasso Labs. Previously, Software Engineer at Clover, contractor at Nike. Experience with AWS, Java. CS B.A. from Columbia University '15

William Guiracoche

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Previously development engineer at Theoretica Applied Physics; held multiple undergraduate research positions at Princeton University.

Julian Hunt

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Chief Revenue Officer at Picasso Labs. Experienced in scaling high growth start-ups

Anton Litvinenko

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Obinna Ijomah

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Worked at Ability Builders for Children, Administration for Childrens Services. Experience as Admin Assistant, Billing, data entry. Bachelors SUNY Delhi

Dale Um

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Product Manager @Picasso Labs; Growth Hacker / Software Engineer @Hatch; Business Analyst @Accenture ;

John Bae

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CTO at @Picasso Labs. Worked at startups and investment banks. Generally prefer the former.

Matt Hinger

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Highly motivated Software Engineer that has an enthusiasm for accepting and solving new challenges and learning new skills.

Board members and advisors

Obi Felten

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product director for early stage projects at Google[x]. ex-marketing director. set up/ran ecommerce businesses. investing in women founders, but not exclusively

Nick Agin

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Designer. Director. Educator. Problem Solver.

Former team

Noah Fisher

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Yata Wanapha

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Rachel Levinson

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