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Software for Public Policy and Civic Engagement

Software for Public Policy and Civic Engagement

Grassroots Advocacy
Organizations use our text message and social media tools to find supporters and build communities around the issues that matter to them. Through our user-friendly action pages, supporters can contact lawmakers, submit comments to regulatory forms, sign petitions, and even register to vote. Convo, our latest campaign template, uses an interactive, conversational form to guide advocates through the process of sharing their stories with lawmakers.

Strategic Communications
Our communications tools cut through the clutter. Our clients keep their supporters and employees engaged with email broadcasts, SMS alerts, social media monitoring, and AI-based chatbots.

Stakeholder Management
Nonprofits, associations, and companies alike use Phone2Action to make sense of the legislative and regulatory climate. View legislator profiles, track existing relationships and log interactions with lawmakers, so knowledge can be easily shared within the organization.

Jeb Ory

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CEO/ Cofounder of Phone2Action. Venture-backed. Strong international business background (IMI Plc, DCI Marketing). BA, Stanford, MBA, Chicago Booth.
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