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We are a small, fast-paced team with people who both collaborate closely as well as take the initiative to lead their own project areas. We are not afraid to fail when creating something new and believe in a rapid design-test-modify philosophy.

A deep passion for spaceflight is the most valuable quality among all of us at Phoenix. We share a desire to open up access to space for everyone and the drive to create the innovations that will make that happen. We don’t believe in the word “impossible” and, to us, the phrase “that’s been tried before” is just an excuse.

Our leadership encourages everyone to take ownership of their projects and share pride in their work. Collectively, we are creating the future and so we want each individual to feel that it is their mission as well rather than just a job.

The startup space industry is an extremely demanding way of life. Workdays lasting 12 or more hours aren't uncommon. It's important that a company that demands so much from its team also supports the individual needs of employees. We offer flexible hours so that employees are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance while maintaining high standards of performance. Our policy regarding sick/personal time allows our people to take the time they need to manage their personal lives, spend time with family even when travel is required and enjoy some down-time from what is an inherently stressful career.

Perks and benefits

Sick leave

Two weeks of sick leave per year and more than that if needed for medical procedures.

Vacation days

Two weeks per year vacation days which roll over year to year.

Company team events

Trips to space launch events, conferences, museums and simple afternoons away from the office that encourage employees to build personal relationships on top of the workplace dynamic.

Flexible hours and work from home

We work with each employee to ensure a work schedule that supports a healthy work-life balance, including working from home.