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Game-changing low cost nanosatellite launch

Game-changing low cost nanosatellite launch

Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. is a nanosatellite systems and launch services provider serving the nanosatellite industry pursuing a vision to develop an environmentally-friendly, low-cost and reusable nanolaunch vehicle to address dedicated to the sub 50-kilogram payload market. We are building on the successful propulsion system research and development activities carried out internally and at other institutions with the singular goal of bringing the technology to the civil and government launch market. The Phoenix launch vehicle will be the first domestic U.S. rocket to utilize hydrogen peroxide-based hypergolic bipropellant in a commercial system. This enables minimal infrastructure and very low launch costs. Phoenix is also developing commercial avionics and autonomous flight safety systems as well as cubesat component hardware as part of the objective to offer end-to-end cubesat launch services and support to customers across industries.

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Matthew Travis

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CEO, Phoenix Launch Systems ~ Founder and Fmr COO, Aphelion Orbitals. ARES Institute ~ 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry. UIUC Computer Science.
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