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1. THE CONTEXT: in sales, effective planning has been consistently ranked as one of the top contributing factors to success. This is particularly true for Pharma Sales Representatives, who travel to meet with customers in person. In fact, multiple studies show that they spend up to 25% of their working hours on planning and traveling, with traditional tools such as Notebooks or Excel Spreadsheets.

2. THE PROBLEM: sales planning is time-consuming because it involves lots of data. To determine their plans over time, field reps need to iterate through many different considerations, such as
• Where are my customers located
• When are they available
• How often should I visit them
• Did they request a meeting
• Minimize driving
• Maximize customer visits
• How do I meet my short-term activity quota
• How do I meet my long-term business goal


#3a Phocus solves this problem by bringing together a simple visual and some powerful math. It is a mobile application combining the interface of a map, a calendar and a to-do list. Connecting to your CRM and sales analytics, Phocus transforms tedious rows and columns of data into icons on a map, with built-in search, filter and calendar features that altogether enable you to create your business plan in no time

#3b Phocus further runs an algorithm combining traditional operations research methods with cutting-edge machine learning techniques, to solve the infamously hard Traveling Salesman Problem, delivering the optimal sales plan in a way that minimizes windshield time and maximizes customer visits, while ensuring one never misses any calendar appointment.

4. FOUNDER BACKGROUND: I had 5+ years of working experience across management consulting, pharma analytics, and most recently, pharmaceutical sales.
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Fullstack engineer handling both backend component (DB, server, API) and front-end clients.