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Making it Possible to Automate and Rely On IoT Devices in Mission-Critical Environments

Making it Possible to Automate and Rely On IoT Devices in Mission-Critical Environments

Phizzle is the first IoT software company to break through the performance requirements of edge device computation, enabling enterprise customers to automate and rely on IoT devices in mission-critical environments. The core innovation in the company’s enterprise-class software stack is Regenerative Engineering, which solves the power and data complexity challenges typical of edge computing in an entirely new way. Phizzle’s EDGMaker Software Stack benefits many manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, oil and gas, and smart cities initiatives around the world. The company's go-to-market partner is Cisco. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Francisco, Phizzle has a history of creating innovative products from consumer data to machine data. Phizzle's technology enables companies to automate and digitize manual workflows and processes to achieve true connected and digitized business processes. Phizzle’s solution called, EDGMaker Software Stack, transforms low power devices into machines that operate with server-grade performance speeds of up to 200 watts. The technology works on devices ranging from a raspberry pi to a supercomputer and everything in between. This means devices such as routers, gateways, or switches now have the ability to operate with at least a 5x increase in efficiency that devices such as air quality monitors and pH conductivity meters require as IoT-enabled devices. The reduction of IoT workloads, brings visibility to data surges and never-off connectivity has enabled Phizzle to break through the performance requirements of true edge computing. Additionally, the reduction of costs, complexity, and visibility into ROI enables easier implementations. This quantum leap development makes machine learning and artificial intelligence efficiently actionable.

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A serial entrepreneur-In 2003, Co-Founded Pixiem, acquired by WinWin Gaming, 2005 then Co-Founded Phizzle, Inc. Visionary business start-up development/strategy
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