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Software Engineer

€26k – €41k
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We are looking for a full-time medior software engineer to join our team for the development and realization of a new product. This is a platform that provides operational data from machine PLC’s. This platform will be deployed at manufacturing sites. It will collect and organise this data and makes it available via the internet to be used for analysis and control by other business functions. In addition we will develop a set of Business Intelligence Dashboards that display the situation of the manufacturing sites real time at various local and remote locations.

This product will be developed in cooperation with a machine manufacturer who builds and installs complete production lines. We are looking for someone to build and develop this product in the product development phase and who will install and maintain this solution at customer sites during the market deployment phase.

Additionally we develop a number of KPI Dashboards which use this platform to provide real-time operational information. These dashboards allow for operational monitoring, tactical planning and strategic decision making. We deploy these dashboards on physical screens in the factory and at remote office locations. These dashboards are also available through web browser and web applications on various devices.