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Mission: "To Help ALL People Become Philanthropists"

Board of Directors Opportunity @PHILANTHROPIST.org (a not-for-profit org)

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Revisions as of October 9th, 2019


Philanthropist.org, Inc. offers a unique opportunity to participate in an historic project of extraordinary importance to the Micro-Finance and Social Investing world. You will "Help all People become a PHILANTHROPIST" Philanthropist.org allows everyday people to become philanthropists for $5 to $5000. As a donor or socially-minded investor, you can directly and efficiently interface with entrepreneurs and volunteers working on exciting projects around the world by contributing a small loan. With philanthropist.org you will provide greater impact through maximum efficiency, accountability, and minimal transactional overhead. You become a philanthropist by making direct 1-to-1 investments in hardworking entrepreneurs and monitor your returns with financial performance as well as social impact. Our unique business model will feature multiple revenue streams and be focused on sustainability and revenue production.

The organization was founded by 7 Founders in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is driven by the passionate work of a team of over 25 Volunteers dialing in to web-based systems around the world. Philanthropist.org’s founding entrepreneurs, inventors and technologists have extensive experience building sustainable and profitable business ventures. With superb academic credentials from MIT, MIT Sloan, BU, Penn State, and Harvard Business School, the team also represents multiple backgrounds: management consulting, mathematics, social work, security, entrepreneurship, non-profits, IT consulting, philanthropy, investment banking, search engine marketing, and internet advertising. A strong and committed Board of 15 Advisors is entrenched comprised of renowned university professors, business leaders, well-known entrepreneurs, VCs, and leaders at nonprofits and NGOs.

To enhance the institutional capacity for supporting this exciting venture, philanthropist.org now seeks corporate and philanthropic leaders to add to the formal governance and maturity of the organization. An initial Board of 7 Trustees is sought with aims to increase membership to approximately 30 within 3 years.


1. Hold the Mission in Trust
2. Set broad company policies & procedures
3. Assure effective continual management of the organization
4. Advocate the importance of our market-based solution to poverty alleviation
5. Approve budgets and provide financial oversight
6. Serve on at least one Board Committee
7. Introduce at least three new people to philanthropist.org
8. Attend Quarterly Conference Calls
9. Attend Yearly Fund-raising Event @Harvard Peabody Museum (optional)
10. Attend One Micro-Finance Field Study Tour Overseas (optional)

Philanthropist.org has flourished with the active support of its Board of Advisors and Leadership Circle Members to date. Leadership Circle Members have made financial contributions over $1000/year while BOA members have made other regular contributions such as substantial volunteering hours that reflect their serious commitment to philanthropist.org. The Board of Advisors roster is now locked at 15 members and no further members will join unless an existing member is converted to a BOD member, steps down or is asked to leave. Board Trustees of long standing will be expected to continue to make philanthropist.org a top priority and to give to their individual capacity. Board Trustees who join the philanthropist.org Board will be expected to contribute (or asked to secure equivalent donations) at least:

• $20,000 for a 3-year term
(contributions to events/projects/tours count toward total)
• Significant support for any current capital campaign.

Philanthropist.org carefully monitors all potential conflicts of interest, and will establish formal procedures to ensure fairness. Currently, each Director serves a 3-year term, renewable by the Board, with no limitations on length of service. Board practices and policies are revisited regularly and financial commitments are expected to increase. It is hoped that each new Board Trustee will add his or her own thoughts as to which new formal procedures should be established or which current procedures should be revised as the Board grows in size and scope.

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