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Digital Transformation & E-commerce platform for Global 1000 companies

Digital Transformation & E-commerce platform for Global 1000 companies

PhaseZero Ventures is a Cloud 2.0 enterprise software company. Our advantage is rooted in our Silicon Valley DNA and our relentless pursuit of perfection that drives all our client partnerships. That’s why world-class enterprises put their trust in us. And why our solutions consistently deliver value, innovation, and growth.

PhaseZero’s powerful digital commerce platform, CxCommerce™, accelerates your digital sales through an enhanced customer experience backed by deep expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

PhaseZero helps transform companies’ investments in sensors, IoT, and Big Data into successful digital businesses with annual recurring revenue, Software-as-a-Service solution offerings. PhaseZero brings together Silicon Valley DNA, culture, and digital thought leadership to transform people, processes, and technology by identifying, developing, operating, and growing digital and software businesses for industrial and manufacturing companies.

PhaseZero is your digital transformation partner.
Mission: PhaseZero is looking for a few passionate “Zebras” to grow with us!
We call our team members Zebras because they dare to be different. That’s what makes us outstanding.

/zebra/, noun
a professional who, with the requisite conviction and passion, dares to be different

Our success depends on each Zebra living and breathing these values everyday:
* Customer Success Focus
* Positive Attitude
* Teamwork (“… none of us are as smart as all of us ...”)
* Innovation
* Productivity

Sr Java Developer

Java Developer - Fresher

Saran Raju

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