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Disrupting Consumer Lending With Cognitive Modes

Disrupting Consumer Lending With Cognitive Modes

Phalula's proprietary cognitive mode scoring system is being used by digital lenders to increase the number of approvable borrowers as well as to mitigate defaults and reduce charge offs. Digital lending has flourished due to a streamlined application process and favorable rates. However, growth is slowing because lenders are all approving the same pool of borrowers and missing other “quality” borrowers due to the current scoring system. Phalula integrates human behavioral factors into a scoring system that identifies responsible, reliable and committed borrowers currently being overlooked by traditional scoring systems. These “underserved” borrowers represent a large percentage (up to 85%) of the two trillion dollar consumer lending marketplace. We are piloting the solution with major P2P lenders both domestically and internationally.

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CEO @Phalula. Former CEO of SmartDzign (SaaS platform for SMBs to ISPs), Contigo (WiFi for developing countries), Logia VN (mobile platform) and HooplaPlay (social gaming). Expert in platform development, retail and consumer behavior.
Machine learning expert specializing in unsupervised learning. Founder and data scientist @Phalula. PhD (Notre Dame) with past experience at NASA.