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Pex is like Google for music and videos. When you make a video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. where does it go after that? Who is sharing it (& copying, sampling, distorting it...), where and why? We created a platform where creators can search for their work in just a click, and be in control of their content’s true reach.

This requires some serious technology. We’ve been developing it for over five years. We have indexed billions of videos from every major platform, built complex fingerprinting, search and crawling tools, and we now work with the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry.

We’re a team of creatives, data nerds, and magic makers headquartered in DTLA with offices in Boulder and Prague. We’re keen on changing the way people manage their digital rights and passionate about the way media travels on the internet. We're looking for highly motivated individuals that are curious and want to solve the big problems we care about. We don't judge your past, we only care about our mutual future.
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