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Hi I am Pietro Boselli; I am a social media Influencer with over 3.5M followers and this is my Fashion Brand: high-end sportswear designed by me in London and made entirely in Italy. To understand the brand you need to know about me, as you will be closely working with me on this. First, why fashion: I have been a fashion model since my childhood in Milan. I grew up in the fashion world and I observed every step. I have a huge network which includes top fashion designers, photographers, stylists, editors, models, influencers, celebrities, insiders. Second, why sportswear: I have always been working out, from competitive swimming, to trail running, triathlon, weigh-lifting and bodybuilding. I am a WBFF Pro fitness model. Finally, why high-performance: I have a PhD in mechanical engineering: this means that design, efficiency and performance are for me a way of life. Harmony of function and form is key. To engineer fashion is the revolution I propose. The first brand in the world to launch a technical and trend-setting line into the world of high fashion. It is the future. Beyond the product, also how the company runs is futuristic: a lean start-up, driven by creativity and ingenuity. Everything is - and has to be - state of the art. From social media marketing strategies, to cloud based accounting, to third party logistics integration. Even the factories that make our clothes in Italy are world leaders in fashion techniques and innovation. I have been working and investing in this startup for two years now, and amassed already enormous experience. I am at my second collection and a third separate collection of outerwear is underway too. There is still a lot to be done and to be learned ahead of us, and many milestones including a big round of investment to be raised. If you love fashion, fitness, design and business, then join me in London and let's gets going! It will be an awesome journey, and possibly one of the most rewarding!
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Finance and Operations manager

Financial and business planning, raising investment, management of capital and cash flow and integration with accounting, including first stage of accounting. Operations, management of resources and stock.


Marketing and Sales Manager

Everything that concerns sales and marketing, and take part in product development. Implementing the marketing strategies such as social media reach-outs, relationships with PR agencies, Publicists.