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Check your pet's health. Instantly

Check your pet's health. Instantly

Petnostics allows pet parents to test the health of their pet, instantly. By using Petnostics’ patented urine-collection cup with colorimetric chemical test strips on the lid, pet owners are able to monitor their pet’s health anytime, anywhere. The Petnostics cup provides the same quality urinalysis that a veterinary office offers, but with the ease, convenience, and cost-savings of a do-it-at-home system.

Pet owners simply collect urine in the special Petnostics cup and once sealed, the test strips on the lid will begin to change colors. With a free app from the iTunes App Store, pet owners can use a smartphone or tablet to read the test results and deliver a diagnosis. The Petnostics app will inform pet owners whether the animal has any potential diseases such as diabetes or ailments like kidney stones or a urinary tract infection.

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