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Dustin Morales

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Chief Design Officer @Petnet Award winning Designer, brand enthusiast and entrepreneur. Crafting beautifully simple work that will inspire action.
Chris is a world leader in autonomy who's innovations in unmanned systems have helped make what was once science fiction... now a reality
CEO of @Petnet. Thrive on conceptualizing innovative solutions geared to help the day to day routines performed by humans and creating businesses around them.


Maggie Huang

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Anu Saptharishi

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Worked at @Petnet

Bryan Lo

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Jason Paez

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Managing Supply Chain @Petnet

Kit Mok

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Worked at @Petnet, @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted • Studied at @California State University, Long Beach

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Product development and manufacturing expert. Former projects: @iRobot @Hasbro @The Walt Disney Company. Avid sailor.

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Shana Peterson

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