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Aircraft Drone Protection Technology

Aircraft Drone Protection Technology

The Clear Space Solutions are based on three products and a service. CSA’s core Drone Security and Safety products are:
-Drone Mitigation for Aircraft,

-Drone Traffic Management and Control for Cities

-Drone Cybersecurity for Infrastructures.

The service is
-CSA’s Drone DMV™ Registry system.

The Clear Space Solutions
create safe air space zones called “Clear Space” around Aircraft, Drones, Aviated Vehicles and Devices, and Cities.
“Clear Space Zones” are created to prevent unauthorized Drones from entering the flight paths of Aircraft,
Co-Founder/Inventor, EVP: ClearSpace Aero. Patent-pending anti-collision system for aircraft, drones, aviated vehicles & devices. Creative Director: Chromacor

Peter Whitmarsh

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Founder Whitmarsh Research Group, @ClearSpace Aeronautics sold his First Company to AT&T Two years after Graduating from U.C. Berkeley.

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