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Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure

$130k – $200k • 0.05% – 0.2%
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The Infrastructure Software Engineer role

Infrastructure engineers will be important agents of cohesion, in which many teams rely upon your foresight and expertise in order for the bigger picture to come together. The position is best for curious, generalist programmers who are deeply familiar with web application infrastructure and love to apply software engineering principles to make their and everyone else’s lives easier.

Key responsibilities

** Be responsible for the overall health and performance of Petal’s underlying infrastructure.
** Participate in the optimization of the entire lifecycle of services - Deployment, Scaling, Monitoring, and Optimization.
** Know standard security practices and identify any potential infrastructure-specific vulnerabilities.
** Write code. We want engineers who can automate the deployment, administration, and monitoring of our large-scale Linux environments. We’re a strong believer in writing code to solve mundane problems.
** Gain deep application-level knowledge of our systems and contribute to their overall design.
** Work with development teams to enhance, document, and establish processes and generally improve the operability and security of our systems.
** Improve automation of operational processes (provisioning, replication, deployments, continuous integration)
** Bring monitoring, alerting, and observability for production and nonproduction issues to the next level

**Hashicorp stack (Nomad, Vault, Consul, Terraform)
**Let's encrypt

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